Irene Stedler

“I wish to thank Martha Weber at Emerald Heights for hosting spectacular demonstration on the skills of lawn bowling.

Irene Stedler

Leslie D

Your book is invaluable. Thank you! I just finished a second read (and markup) of Holistic Living in Life Plan Communities: a.k.a. Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs).
You answer so many questions, from basic to the finer details about choosing and living in a
CCRC. In my four years of looking for answers, your book supplied them in a very enjoyable and easily understood writing style.
I especially appreciate the narratives as illustrations of what you and other residents encounter. Chapter 7, Life Plan Community Finance and Chapter 9, Is It the Right Choice, have helped me know my plan toward finding the right one is going to work. Part III, Selecting a Life Plan
Community, provides a great guide planning, visiting and interviewing marketing and operations staff and talking to residents.

Leslie D.

Kudos & Thank you

Team AgingSmartley/Frederick (and Margaret Herb in support);

Heartfelt kudos and a special Thank You for taking the time writing “Holistic Living in Life Plan Communities.” Your delightful, easy to read bible on holistic living in Life Plan communities is the primer–the needed handbook for any Senior who is researching living in a Life Plan or Continuing Care Retirement Community. Have dog eared your book and have read and reread Holistic Living in Life Plan Communities at least a half dozen times. With each read a new kernel of Life Plan Community knowledge is learned. Your outstanding book/guide coupled with the website, mylifesite.net are the standard bearers for Seniors looking for the right Life Plan community.

Tho in our early & mid sixties, you have significantly assisted us in making the near (2-3 year) future decision to (deposit $$) and ultimately live in a Life Plan community (Fleet Landing, in Atlantic Beach, Florida)

Wes & Ida W

Soldiers (Retired)

U.S. Army, Retired but proudly still serving

wes weiner

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