In addition there are fill-out forms for recording pertinent information as a prospective resident inspects a community. 

Selecting an Appropriate Community

This site augments my book: Holistic Living in a Life Plan Community. The information is organized in pages, having the following content.

Find Communities

To assist in finding an appropriate community, this page provides mapping of over 1600 life plan communities throughout the United States. As well as identifying where communities are, it shows them in relation to others near and far and with street backgrounds. Further, when one clicks on a community’s pin, a dialog box displays the community’s name, address, and the link to the community’s own website. Most communities have multi-page websites that identify living arrangement, community services and resident activities. Click on the Fine Communities tab on the Header.


The Resource page contains a full listing of the references and citations contain in my book, Holistic Living in Life Plan Communities. On the Resources page the hyperlinks associated with the references can be invoked by click on them. From the book, there is the inconvenience of having to type the web address into a browser.

In addition the Resource page has forms for collecting pertinent information that is acquires during a prospective residents visit to a community.


This page will contain announcement and articles that affect senior and residents of life plan communities. The new may relate to state or federal regulation, construction or renovation of communities, and community announcements. Communities and residents are encouraged to send new that they would likely to share.

                                                                              Mirbaella-Seattle’s Courtyard, Jan 9 2019



Community residents are encouraged to share stores of services that are extraordinary as well as their gripes. Raves will be posted promptly and rants ten days later, allowing time for the offender to respond. Posters must identify themselves and a facial image is encouraged.

My Book

This page shows the the front and back covers of Holistic Living in a Life Plan Community as well as its table of contents, forward and “about the author”. The book is available at book stores and Amazon.com.


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